Finding time: Organising a household

Where will I find time to study full-time? This is the question that still causes butterflies in my  tummy. I have a little tacker (LT) at school, teach part-time and run my household with a massive amount of assistance from my Wonderful Husband (WH). I think anything is possible if I have a list and a bit of organisation. Oh, and an amazing support network including family and friends. These are the things that are helping me to get ready to study.

1. On-line grocery shopping. Once a month, my big shop is done online and delivered to my door. It takes approx 20 mins to place the order and I have it delivered in an evening when we are home anyway. Saves me at least 2 hours and a sore back.

2. I also have a bulk meat/frozen food delivery, once every 3 months. This is stocked in my deep freezer. Again, I don’t shop, pack or unpack this and it is packaged ready for us to use.

3. I have begun to use a menu planner to plan meals for 3 month blocks. This uses my freezer meats and makes it really easy to shop on-line. Saves heaps of time as I am not wondering at 5pm what we are eating that night. We are also having much less takeaway, as we know what is on the menu in advance.

4. I am also thinking about what my priorities are. I am still very focused on my family and want to be here as much as possible when my LT is home and enjoy him growing up. I want to keep my study to daytime hours while he is at school and can do reading (academic) in the evenings. I really want to try to keep weekends as “family” time. I know this will vary depending on peak times with study etc, but I am aiming to keep this balance as much as possible. This will be a constant work in progress.

5. I am also looking for sites/pages that encourage positive organisation of things like housework etc. At present I am finding quite a help in sorting which tasks to do. I will add other sites as I find them helpful…or not 🙂

So that’s the home front starting to get under control. Now to find that elusive ‘study time’ 🙂


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