What does it mean to be paperless? (Part 3/3)

Having a ‘Web presence’ these days is also an important part of building a career focussed network.  There are many sites to join; linked in, academia, and twitter to name a few); and the internet also allows access to a larger world of research as it is happening. Conference proceedings and journals are accessible whenever you want, and just because a conference is overseas no longer means it is inaccessible, with many offering podcasts of keynotes and text versions of presentations. By working in these realms and contributing to the discussions a professional web presence can be developed, mostly without having to leave my home town.

In terms of wider discussion options, Skype allows free visual and audio contact with people who may be traveling, and also opens up opportunities to perhaps have overseas supervisors! I am hopeful of also joining some friends (here and overseas) to start an ‘online book group’…not related to study at all, just a way of using the tools on the web to keep in touch and span the miles that separate us all.

TED Talks and You Tube are also vibrant places where ideas can be shared and reflected upon, giving a wider audience and cross section of people who can access and experience ideas presented.  I have yet to search out how to reference these sources of information, but do hope that they can also form part of my research. A TED talks my WH showed me was one of the signs indicating that the time was right for my PhD idea, but that is a blog for another day.




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