Evernote Review (Part 2)

So I have had Evernote downloaded for almost a week. It is an amazing application. I found that I could download a copy of the app to my desktop, and I can add things to it here, with or without net access. Then as soon as I have net access again I can ‘sync’ my desktop version with the web version, and should I be working on a computer at uni and add things to my web version, it will sync with my laptop too … no more accidental overwrites. I am thinking it is worth the yearly fee to allow the word docs and excel spreadsheets to be backed up also. I have a feeling I will use it heaps. You can also download (free) Evernote for any computer system and most mobile devices, including I-Phone and Android.

My LT is having great fun with the audio capture feature, he is re-enacting his favourite TV scenes and also reading aloud from his books onto it. (Teachers: I am thinking easy evidence for learning documentation here.)

Evernote also shares via Facebook and Twitter, allowing the people who access it a view of just what you have sent, not the rest of your files. If you do want to share whole files (for example with a study group) you can email the link to those in the group and they can access that notebook. All of this, and they don’t even need an Evernote account! Great Huh?  Ok, I am quite excited about this and really wish I had looked at this in more detail a couple of months ago. I will continue my search for the ‘free’ storage for all my documents option, but until then I am having such fun with Evernote, and converting my colleagues and friends to use it I think I will just enjoy it for a while…oh and perhaps get back to the reading and writing for that study thing I was doing…what was that called again??? LOL.

One of my friends has just this week talked about Onenote, which is the MSoffice version of Evernote, but a little different. Here is a review of them both: http://www.onenotereview.com/

I am going to meet up with my IT Guru friend soon for her to demo Onenote…but at this stage, Evernote is free so it will be the flavour of the week, for this week at least 🙂

Yesterday I found out about digitwirl, an American site that offers short video clips of tech reviews, aimed at showing you how to use things like ‘evernote’ easily to organise your life. Here is a link to their Evernote clip.

What ICT/Software do you use to help you get organised?


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