One Hectic Week

Hi everyone, and welcome to my new subscribers. The guest post last week for Organised Housewife has helped generate more traffic to this blog and has doubled the number of wonderful people who want to follow this journey. Thanks so much for following πŸ™‚

This week has been hectic to say the least. My LT has been unwell for the past 10 days, with a range of illnesses, including Gastro and a skin allergy (though we have no idea what caused it). It has led to lack of sleep for all of us and an emergency trip to the doctors. Add to that it is the first week where I have picked up an extra day of work for the rest of this term. I feel a bit snowed under and am glad we have had a really quiet weekend, especially as I have little voice left. Ok…pity party over πŸ™‚

There were good things this week too, like my LT’s first Taekwondo lesson, which he enjoyed and can’t wait until next weeks session. A good friend of mine has set up a page which we hope will lead to a blog/e-zine to support women in their life journey (The Sisterhood). I got to meet another research student and see her blog used with some of my own students Molecules, minds and culture. I also got to talk with a PhD student friend about interviews and conversations, and we did some practice interviews (used Evernote to record them). I was also grateful for my forward planning of meals, was one less thing to stress about in a tiring week.

It hasn’t been a week where I got any reading done, or any craft. It was a week of scurrying and caring for others. I really need to remember to look at these busy times as the exception to the norm. I hope next week will be more balanced and that we get more sleep.

So this weeks blog entry is a bit more of a debrief of my busy week. Next week’s blog will be about one of methodology approaches I will be using : ‘positioning theory and pronoun grammars’.

Hope to see you all next week. Have a great week πŸ™‚




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