Why I like the Cloud…Prezi and stuff

Two posts in a weekend? Yes, and you can tell I am excited.

When I first started teaching and presenting I was interested in getting kids learning and presenting their learning in interesting ways. I have always worked in State schools, where funding and resourcing are stretched, and so was always interested in free and dynamic ICT tools. My first forays were into using Word, Publisher (which is now returning to the office package), Excel and Powerpoint with students. Yes, there is other software, some designed specifically for education, however I was never going to be able to get it in my schools, especially if this software only does one or two things, it just wont get used long term. So my first statewide presentations were about creative ways to use the software schools already had, and most schools had MSoffice.

Then, a few years later the ‘Intel Teach to the Future’ program was launched. I became a Master Trainer in this exciting project, that among other things, promoted the use of Office tools to use with students in the classroom.

Today I am reflecting on this journey. Those who are following my blog know that I am loving the free tools out there that can help organise study and work (evernote, drop box, google docs) and also have the added backup of the ‘cloud’ to help me access my ongoing projects from anywhere that I have an internet connection. In this vein I am very excited to have found (via a lovely student) and be using Prezi. Here is a link to a short presentation I made this morning, I have been using this tool for less than 5 hours now (and have done washing and bathed LT)…it’s quite fun http://prezi.com/8biqyansbnhp/why-i-like-prezi-and-the-cloud-in-general/

Now I have to get off the computer and let LT make his Prezi on lego…

Have fun!



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  1. claireconeill
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 09:34:50

    I love Prezi, but have found that it can generate mixed reviews from academic audiences. Are you planning on using Prezi for any of your academic work? Would love to hear your thoughts on how it is received.



    • Fiona T
      Sep 19, 2011 @ 09:45:35

      Thanks Claire, I am using if for a lecture this week, and am thinking it will be my presentation tool of choice for PhD stuff too. Am interested in the ‘mixed’ review…what’s not to like? I think it looks much more savvy than a plain powerpoint, and has the potential to include more graphics and dynamic images/video and audio to make a presentation far more interesting than I would have previously. What is your experience? Do you know of any other free online presentation tools?



    • Fiona T
      Sep 19, 2011 @ 20:59:42

      Yes, I think an academic audience is hard to judge. I will be going with my heart on a lot of this…if I like it I will go ahead. I also have a wonderful couple of supervisors who are pretty tech savvy themselves. I like Prezi cause I can import the powerpoints I have spent hours on already and jazz them up and keep them in the cloud…so many positives as I strive towards this ‘paperless as possible’ PhD.



  2. claireconeill
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 20:05:51

    I personally don’t think there’s anything about Prezi that’s not to like – it’s a much more interesting and engaging way of presenting information in my book! I have used it for two talks so far, and after one I received endless compliments and requests for the program I’d used. The second talk also had a few compliments, but they were mixed with some very strong opinions that powerpoint would have been more appropriate. I mostly chalked it up to the nature of academics, but it’s hard to know sometimes!



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