When technology fails or How to “Keep Calm and Carry on”

It would be remiss of me not to mention what happened at the beginning of this week.

I love my little laptop, I joke that it runs my empire!  Everything is on there: photos, my bookmarked cache of web pages, blogs and memberships.  Documents, power points and downloaded prezis I use for my work. Student attendance lists and mark sheets. Email trails for my current projects, our favourite recipes and of course my PhD reading and writing so far.  On Sunday evening I turned on my laptop, well really I tried to turn on my laptop. It was struggling to get to the login page. We (WH and I) tried a number of things to try and get it past the grey screen but nothing worked. WH and LT were worried…I was not.  That’s right, I was not worried…”but you’ve just lost access to your empire” I hear you think 🙂

In truth, I hadn’t lost anything. Even if this laptop (which after 3 days of patient customer support is now working as though the ‘blip’ never happened) never worked again I knew that my triple backup system, including the cloud, had me covered and that everything, bar one document I hadn’t backup for 2 weeks, was retrievable.   You see I use a memory stick, my server drive at work and the cloud to back up to. Evernote is my first back up, as documents are done I send them to my evernote account. Once a week (when I am in at work) I transfer my memory stick contents to my desktop/server.  I will be utilising time machine now too, just to make sure. I also have 6 months of emails are stored on my host’s server, so my email trail for recent projects is still there.

What this ‘blip’ has taught me is that I have the right systems in place for me to ‘Keep calm and carry on’, and I am more determined than ever to ensure I don’t lose access to my recent writings so will make sure I continue to use new (cloud) and old (memory stick and server) technology to support my work.

What sort of things do you do to keep yourself organised, for work, study and family? I would be interested to hear your experiences and thoughts.

Until next week, happy trails



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