What Exactly is Game-based Learning? « Game-Based Learning Talk

Well, good news, I have an official offer to begin my PhD study. Now the real fun begins! I have been busy over the last week getting work organised and continuing writing various things, like a lecture, conference papers and ethics.

In a little down time reading blogs tonight, I came across this one that gives a great, basic outline of why both digital and non-digital games are a valuable part of education.

What Exactly is Game-based Learning? « Game-Based Learning Talk.

I have used games for learning in many of my classes in my teaching career. I liked that they could relax a class and help them display, and reflect on, learning and their own understandings. Admittedly I didn’t use many digital games as they weren’t really available at the time when I was teaching in school.

I did have some ‘digital’ revision games designed and put together at one stage, as  a joint TAFE and school project. They can be found at my science games wiki: http://sciencegames.wikispaces.com/  Unfortunately they aren’t mac compatible (they were made in 2003). They were designed as teacher lead class based games.

Are you a teacher? Which games are your favourites?

Are you a parent? What are your childrens’ favourite games?

Happy Gaming!

Fiona T



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