Organising My Kitchen Cupboards


Last year I organised my hall cupboard, and blogged about it here: Hall Cupboard Guest blog  Today I finally got around to organising our kitchen cupboard. The corner cupboard had become a bit of a vortex in the last 12 months. It was a constant hassle to get anything in or out. Some of my cupboards are more functional:

and another drawer is a nightmare:On a recent trip to bunnings we found this ‘lazy Susan’ type insert for corner cupboards. That inspired me to get on and orgainse this cupboard and the drawers.

First I cleaned out the cupboard: And here is the multitude of things lurking:

  • a laundry basket full of plastic containers
  • Disposable containers for freezing food, blender beakers and a funnel.
  • Glass jars hoarded for preserving (that hasn’t happened on the scale I had planned…so they are going into the recycling)
  • Miscellaneous things that have rarely been used:

Some needed to go in the bin or recycling, a few other dishes needed better homes. I sorted and stacked while WH contorted himself to put the shelves into the cupboard. He didn’t let me take photos of this process, probably didn’t help that I was laughing…but here is the end result:

So then I got to re-arranging and finding better homes for cans, plates and plastics. Here are the photos:

  • made over corner cupboard
  • It swivels with room in the far corners for colanders:
  • The cans are accessible too…sooo much corn!

  • The plastics drawer, this is probably about as organised as it will ever get!

  • The bottom drawer now has large serving plates, quiche dishes and beaters:

So now it’s done. 12 months of annoyance and procrastination, and in under 2 hours it was sorted. I am so pleased, and it is one less thing to ‘deal with’ every day.  I also have seen stacked wire shelving on runners, for the pantry, and one day (perhaps in the easter holidays) WH and I will tackle that.

What de-cluttering task is on your list? Make a plan today to sort it out, I’m sure you will enjoy the benefits of one less thing being a chaotic mess, I know I am!

Until next week, when study has truly begun,

Fiona T




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  1. Barbara G
    Jun 21, 2017 @ 12:40:06

    Looking real good..! I have a lot of cubbord space and still not enough room. You need one or two containers, but when you go shopping you have to buy at least four..!



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