Using technology to organise children’s games

As a parent one of the constant battles seems to be keeping toys and games organised, yet still accessible for kids to see and remember to play. Tucking things away in a cupboard is a great way of keeping them tidy, but often out of sight is out of mind with kids.

One of my close friends has come up with a great idea. She has photographed the games/toys and the cupboard they are stored in, then arranged the photos into a photo book layout.  Quite often there are great discount deals from department stores on printing of these photo books, and my friend kept an eye out for these. In the last discount deal the books were under $15 to get printed.

Now the printed books sit in the lounge and the kids (aged 4 and 6) can flick through to see what games/toys they want before they ransack the cupboards. It also assists them to put away the games, because they are listed in sections with a picture of the cupboard they were from.

I love this idea, it is  great example of getting technology to help to organise a household, and save time and sanity too.

How does technology help you organise your household? Please feel free to share in the comments below, or on the facebook page.

Until next week

Fiona T


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