Post-Conference Blog

Hello again.

I’m pleased to be back and blogging. The conference went well, and I met and conversed with many wonderful people from across the world, including the UK, US, Europe, Africa and Australia.

My packing went well too, and I am pleased to report that I traveled to and from the UK with only hand luggage. There will be a future blog post on packing, including the hints and tips I have gathered.

Skype was a god send, as was you-tube, as LT was able to share his special moments with me everyday. Once again ICT makes life easier for my family.  WH lived up to his reputation, keeping the ‘home fires’ burning in addition to re-carpeting and painting our house. A huge, public THANK YOU to my wonderful family and close friends who have supported us through the last few weeks.

During the conference we were encouraged to tweet about the presentations. As I am more familiar with Facebook I took this as a challenge to get my head into the ‘twitter space’ and also use this tool to take my conference notes. With a few other diligent ‘tweeters’ we began to record names, pictures and weblinks that related to the presentations, and the resulting twitter stream is a cloud based running sheet of the conference. It also allows me to see what others saw as important in the presentations, allowing a record of collaborative note taking. I have cut and pasted a copy of the stream into evernote (of course), and will be drawing on many aspects of the information contained as I begin to write up my literature review and future conference papers. It has also allowed me to reflect upon the multiple uses of tools such as ‘twitter’,  and to challenge how I use it everyday. I see twitter as my professional social media platform.  By extending its use to include conversations with colleagues, and note taking for conferences I may not have the opportunity to attend,  it is another invaluable tool for my ongoing professional development.

What tools do you use to make your professional or personal life easier?

Fiona T


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