Mendeley vs EndNote -Guest Blog Post

This week one of my PhD friends, Hardimah Said,  has written a guest blog post for me. She has recently shifted her reference database from EndNote to Mendeley and agreed to write a review on her experience with Mendeley:

“I had heard about Mendeley quite a few times from friends and from reading some academic blogs, but I never really gave it a thought as my EndNote was doing a fine job for me so far. Until, recently, I came across this blog (a link recommended by one of the phdchat twitters,
and I don’t know what ‘special’ effect this blog had, but it made me want to instantly give it a go. I surfed the Mendeley website and 30 minutes later I had a Mendeley account and all my references from EndNote were transferred to Mendeley too.

One feature of Mendeley that I love is that it allows the detailed notes on the right side of the same window. Whereas for EndNote, any specific reference that I want to look at in detail, will need to be opened as a new window. I also like the read and annotate feature which I can’t do in EndNote. And I found that whatever EndNote can do, Mendeley can do it too; such as the Microsoft Word Plug-in.

But overall, what I like the most about Mendeley is what EndNote can’t do*.  The backup feature which allows it to be synchronised to all other devices. This is a very convenient feature which is similar to Evernote (another great app that I rely on very much every day). So I now don’t have to worry anymore about updating & saving my Endnote from my office pc to my thumb-drive, and then do the same thing to my EndNote on my pc and mac at home. I have been ‘manually syncing’ EndNote this way for the last 2 years, so the auto sync feature in Mendeley is great. Another good feature which I love is that Mendeley can be opened on the iPhone or iPad, while EndNote can’t.  I usually use my iPhone in bed before going to sleep and so now I can check Mendeley or do some reading before I start dreaming.

For now, these are the reasons why I’m a happy convert to Mendeley although I know there are more great features of Mendeley that I know will be useful to me being in an academic profession such as; sharing papers, collaborating with friends and creating my own profile for own publication.

Hardimah Said.”

Thanks Hardimah! I have been enjoying the sync feature on Mendeley too, it does take the worry out of the backing up process.

I wonder what reference system you (my readers) are relying on? Is it EndNote, Mendeley or another program? As always, feel free to share in the comments below, or over on the facebook page.

Until next week,

Fiona T

*At this time ( October 2012) we don’t have access to the latest version of EndNote via our institution. Thanks to Tilla from EndNote for her comments about the increased functionality of EndNote6.  (Blog post updated 16th October 2012)


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tilla Edmunds
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 06:12:20

    I just wanted to mention that the recent release of EndNote X6 now offers a seamless Sync through your EndNote Web account with 5GB of file storage. In a previous release, we added a PDF viewer with annotation tools and a split screen to view the reference details in the library window.

    – Tilla Edmunds, the EndNote team



    • Fiona T
      Oct 16, 2012 @ 09:18:01

      That’s great news Tilla, these features will make it easier to use references ‘on the go’ for EndNote users. Are there plans for app versions that will also sync? Thanks for reading and commenting, keeping me an my readers abreast of these updates.



  2. Diana
    Nov 01, 2012 @ 06:45:57

    Thank you for your blog post as I am in doubt of Mendeley and this blogs sure clarifies my doubts between EndNote vs Mendeley.



  3. Anton Vanderepe (@knelistonie)
    Nov 04, 2012 @ 09:59:09

    Version X6 now has indeed a Sync option instead of EndNoteWeb.
    The difference is that in X5 one could up- and download a group of records.
    With version X6 you are syncing the whole database with no chance of carefully limiting the records you wanted sync’d.

    This makes this otherwise very nice feature (MyEndnoteWeb) pretty much useless.

    Is there a chance that the behaviour of X5 is restored ?




    • Fiona T
      Nov 04, 2012 @ 12:15:09

      Hi Kt, We are not affiliated with EndNote to know about this feature. Perhaps contact your local Endnote support team through your library of on the web. Thanks



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