Blood typing game-learning can be fun!

I love using games as an approach to learning. Here is one that has won awards, is free to play and can help you learn about blood types and transfusions. By using a context of an emergency ward, you can read the tutorial and then you are straight into collecting and analysing blood samples and choosing the right blood types for a transfusion for the patient. There are two versions, one is a quick play and the other is a mission. The quick play is good, while once you sign in to the mission it builds you up more clearly, and with a variety of patients. In the mission you also unlock achievements as you continue through. I quite like this game, especially when you save a patient, they give a positive ‘whoop’! There are even some funny achievements to unlock to lighten the mood. I am eager to use it with my class.

Here is a link to the game:

Until next week, happy playing. I wonder what games you like to use in your teaching?

Fiona T


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