Christmas Cards: the quick and easy way

Over the last few years (since LT arrived in our lives) I have been writing Christmas cards. I love the idea of getting these in the mail and so have made sure I get them out each year. I began by writing them by hand, a few each day and posting them in batches. Over the last few years I have streamlined the process somewhat. Here are the three steps to ‘stress free’ Christmas cards.

The first thing I did was create address labels(this was prompted by my making mistakes on the addresses and having to re-envelope cards) by making an Excel file with my contacts and mail merging into word to print on ‘avery’ labels.

Then, step two, I jumped online to Daisy Designs and made my Christmas postcard. It took me approx 10 minutes (most of that time was choosing a family photo to put on the card). The file was sent to my email the next day. I took it on a memory stick to Big W and printed the right number of cards. I also picked up envelopes and enough postage stamps (Australia Post has slightly cheaper rates for card postage at Christmas time) while I was at the shopping centre.

Step 3 was putting the cards in envelopes, sticking on the address labels and stamps.

Walking past the postbox near my son’s school and posting the cards hardly counts as a step (we walk past it every day).

I have even had phone calls from some people I haven’t heard from in ages, thanking me for the beautiful cards. So, a special thanks to Daisy Designs for streamlining my card process further.

Part one of Christmas is sorted. Now, back to that ethics application!

Fiona T

Guest Blog spot: Decluttering my hall cupboard.

Today’s post link is below, I am very excited to be included as a ‘guest post’ on one of my favourite pages, ‘The Organised Housewife‘.

A special welcome to my new subscribers! I’m excited that you have found me in the ethers, I hope you enjoy this journey too 🙂

I’m guest posting today over at The Organised Housewife.

It is the story of how I have recently organised that ‘elephant’: the hall cupboard. It is quite exciting to be involved in the blogging world.

What is your ‘elephant’ task to tackle? What steps might help you to deal with this elephant once and for all (or even for the forseeable future)?

Enjoy, see you back here again next week.


Evernote Reveiw (Part 3)

I used to be a big fan of post-its, and I still have a soft spot for them, but I think that Evernote is going to replace the need for them in my house. I have now had Evernote for 2 weeks. I am using it more and more. Not only for the study things I was initially going to use, I am using it far more. I have discovered (and LT has helped me too) many little things that are simple, yet make it so very functional for me.

Almost a week ago I started to follow Evernote on twitter, and it just so happened that the featured video for the week was one from ‘digitwirl’ and American site that previews and reviews gadgets and software etc to help make life easier. The video (only 3 minutes) shows so many applications for Evernote in the busy life of a working Mum that it just opened up the next level of it’s use for me. Needless to say I have now joined Digitwirl and am looking at the many other things they have reviewed. Here is a link to their site, and a second link to their Evernote video. I especially loved the idea of culling all of those loyalty cards from my wallet, and perhaps being able to zip it closed again.

With my LT’s help I have found out about taking screen shots, saving and sharing audio files and notebooks, even printing (yes, not paperless I know). I have also discovered check boxes you can add to the notes, and tables to organise lists.  I have emailed important emails directly to it, so when I need them in a months time I can find them quickly, especially if I don’t have my email account accessible at work. This week I have used it to record pictures from websites I like, save details of my rooms for teaching this semester, my weekly to do list (with check boxes) and my shopping list (which is now in the cloud, and be be used to check off my online shopping when I have a chance to do it this week). The automatic syncing is brilliant.

I am also getting the Evernote upgrade (have almost used my monthly quota already, and really want to get my word files on here to share with my colleagues), and am pricing a new mobile that will make this storage always accessible, where ever I am.

So, if you are a busy person and want to keep all your important notes etc handy, I really suggest trying the free version of Evernote, see if it helps streamline your life. What other ways do you organise your ‘stuff’?


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