Conference Travel Planning: Organising what to pack.

In a couple of months I will be embarking on the trip to my first international conference! I have co-written a paper with my BB and it has been accepted at the conference in the UK in July. We (the royal ‘we’ I suppose, inclusive of my family, BB and close friends) are very excited.  The aim is to travel light, taking only carry on luggage to make our travel more stream lined.  This is the bit I am planning now.

While I have traveled OS before, this was for a holiday and the packing requirements were a little different. The only other work trips I have been on were school camps, but I don’t think track suits will cut it for this trip somehow 🙂

I was reading a few blogs yesterday and I found these two helpful:

I have been thinking about what to pack for a while, and hope to travel light with my phone, laptop, flash drive, tatting (thanks to the people at ‘intatters‘ for their helpful suggestions) and clothes/toiletries. This does mean I only need one charger, and one adaptor as I can charge my phone via USB (much smaller cable). I also will have my backups on Evernote and prezi for the main presentation, so am pleased that the cloud will be helping me pack.

I also found a conference packing checklist over at Organised Housewife, that I have printed off for myself, my son (who wont be joining me this time 😦 ) and my BB. It has some great things listed and I am working on whittling this list down so I only have carry on luggage.

After doing this ‘research’ I feel like I have much to do over the next couple of months, however packing seems a little less overwhelming. I need to think of the necessities and keep in mind there wont be much downtime. I also want to make technology work for me on this trip, including access to Skype for check ins with the family at home.

Do you have any travel tips? Please share them here in the comments, or on the Facebook page. I would love all the help I can get!

Until next week

Fiona T

PS. My Paperless PhD now has it’s own QR code. Feel free to use this image in presentations/blogs/worksheets/ to share the web address for this blog.

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