About Me

I am living in Melbourne, Australia. I am a teacher, teacher educator, wife, Mum and now ‘PhD student’.

I am passionate about my family, education, science, reading, craft (see onemadtatter blog), cooking, and supporting the sisterhood.

Find ‘My Paperless PhD‘ , ‘Onemadtatter‘ or ‘The Sisterhood’ on Facebook. Press like to join and get updates direct to your wall.

If you are interested in reading my previous thesis,  written as part of my Masters in Education it is a available from Amazon and similar online bookstores: Teachers Umwelten in a Middle School

*All opinions are my own, and are unsolicited. I personally purchase all items reviewed on this blog and have received no payment from any supplier for promoting their goods. I am a student/teacher/academic have no personal business affiliation or business motive on this blog. Opinions expressed are my own, and are not necessarily endorsed by my employer. Thanks for reading. 16/9/12

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melody Pekarek Ambler
    Jun 13, 2014 @ 10:06:32

    Hello; your blog looks very interesting, and I’m excited about reading it. One question, and it may not be possible- I like to pin things to remember things and wondered if you would enable that with a symbol by your others. But, maybe being a PhD you can’t do that, and I understand. Thank you. Melody



    • Fiona T
      Jun 13, 2014 @ 10:14:39

      I always think of pinning for pictures! I will update my blog template soon to add pintrest. Thanks for letting me know. You may also want to download the pintrest button to place on your browser, then you can pin from anywhere! Thanks again.



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